Bulger Partners is a new breed of firm. We provide investment & acquisition guidance, value creation, and transaction advisory services exclusively to companies and investors in the Software Economy.

The “Software Economy” includes many sub-sectors, from pure software companies like Salesforce to transportation companies like Uber, and it is our sole focus. Companies in the Software Economy are eating the world – creating trillions of dollars in new value and disrupting traditional industries. Software Economy companies share the main attribute that their core competitive assets are proprietary software and software development capabilities. Understanding value drivers in the Software Economy requires a unique tool set and deep sector knowledge – the hallmarks of our firm.

Our team combines professional services excellence with technology and operating expertise. We have developed the models,  industry contacts, benchmarks and methods designed for the Software Economy. We have completed hundreds of successful projects and will eagerly provide references to confirm that we deliver a unique capability to help our clients make critical decisions and complete successful transactions.

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A. Christopher Bulger

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