Bulger Partners is always looking to expand our team and meet qualified and interested candidates. In particular, candidates with an affinity for technology, experience in consulting, or financial analysis and modeling, and those with a deep intellectual curiosity are well suited to join us.

We welcome and encourage you to send your application to careers@bulgerpartners.com.


Joe Cowan

Tufts University 2016

“Making the transition from engineering to finance, I was worried about losing the collaborative and team-oriented work environment I knew so well. But I can now safely say Bulger Partners fosters a supportive and empowering workplace. Moreover, at Bulger Partners I know my desire to work hard is valued, but so is my desire to maintain a healthy work-life balance. All in all, Bulger is an amazing place to work.”

Ryan Jacobson

Brown University 2015

“The collegial and collaborate firm culture, and the level of responsibility and exposure I receive as an associate are the things I value the most about working at Bulger Partners. When I worked at a bulge bracket bank, the every-associate-for-themselves culture was grueling. At Bulger Partners, I work side-by-side with the Partners and fellow Associates as a team on each and every project.”

Jamal Ahmed

Boston College 2012

“Associates at Bulger Partners are handed a level of project responsibility that is difficult to obtain at competing firms. I have had the pleasure of working on engagements alongside teams consisting of C-level executives of software companies and Partners and Associates at top Private Equity firms. The learning curve has been steep and the level of project work has been demanding, but the work is enjoyable and impactful, and management does an excellent job recognizing and rewarding hard work.”


The Bulger Partners team comprises people who possess the “excellence reflex” – or professionals who are results-oriented and high energy with a strong work ethic. All of our team members have a true passion for the economics of innovation and ideas that challenge the norm. We are value builders who think like investors by taking a long-term perspective. This is true of both the solutions we provide our clients and the way we conduct ourselves in the office, where it is a priority to be environmentally-focused and health-conscious.



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