Case Study: Growing inorganically through enhanced corporate development program

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A NASDAQ-listed wireless communication company had an ambitious roll-up vision but limited capacity to design and execute. They had no in-house corporate development and limited management bandwidth.


BP designed and executed a strategic acquisition program that formalized the M&A strategy and corporate development processes.  BP identified and screened targets, implemented outreach and relationship management processes and supported deal diligence, negotiation & execution.


The client executed BP’s recommended roll-up strategy that drove over 250% appreciation in their stock price. BP identified and engaged 94 targets, negotiated 7 LOIs and closed 3 acquisitions.[space][callout title][center][fancy_header type=”3″]TESTIMONIAL[/fancy_header]“Your team was instrumental in bootstrapping our corp dev strategy and program and helped enable our record stock market results this year”– Company CEO[/center][/callout][space]

Posted on August 13, 2014 in Case Studies