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The Strategic Buyer as an Endangered Species

About a year ago, we published an article titled “Why Tech Companies are Favoring Private Equity Over IPOs” in which we described the shift from public to private markets as a source of liquidity for shareholders. What we didn’t discuss then is the third and most common route to liquidity,…

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The Commoditization of CRM and ATS – Yet Flourishes

A friend in the industry asked me the other day if there were any serious challengers to’s dominance in CRM (Customer Relationship Management). From almost any perspective, the answer is no, not really. Gartner most recently estimated that SAP, Oracle and Microsoft held 12.1%, 9.1% and 6.2% of the…

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Integrated or Connected? Exploring the consolidation that happened, and needs to happen, in HCM software

Integrated or connected, what is the difference? In the world of enterprise software, the term “integrated” is used liberally to describe systems that “connect” and pass data to each other. But the word integrated suggests these systems are actually woven together, which is rarely the case. At Bulger Partners, we…

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Report: Private Capital Market Update 1H 2015

// // The team at Bulger Partners tracks a unique tech-focused data set that integrates private equity growth tech investment with late stage venture to capture growth capital activity. We also analyze the sectors within the technology industry that are attracting capital and the trends in financing terms, offering different…

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Are the Unicorns Deceptive?

The private market is so healthy that even Silicon Valley journalists are publishing the “B” word (“Bubble”, not the one that rhymes with rich).  The robust private market has made the tech IPO an after thought; so much so that we are headed for the lowest issuance since 2009.  The…

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The Private Financing Market Q3 ’14: What You Should Know

Investors are Pricing Rounds Up, but Fearing the Bubble [Contributed by Mike MacKeen, originally published on Raising the Next Round | Bulger Partners]Analytics are out on the private financing market during Q3.  We should all appreciate that Wilson Sonsini and Cooley each make the effort to aggregate and publish term sheet analytics.…

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