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The Promise (and Challenges) of Data Driven Talent Management

For two decades now I’ve been observing the evolution of HR technology. First as an investment banker, then as an investor, an operator, and finally as an investment banker again. As anyone in the industry can attest, it’s been a wild ride, fueled by technological innovation, changing attitudes and needs,…

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Why Tech Companies Are Favoring Private Equity Over IPOs

Over the past few weeks, the primary story in the financial media, from Barron’s to CNBC, FT and Fortune, has been the IPO market, or the lack thereof. Fortune referenced our research in their cover story “So Long, Wall Street” – specifically, the fact that recently within the tech sector,…

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Salesforce Gets Closer to the Customer Through Demandware Acquisition

Salesforce’s announced acquisition today of Demandware is another big step in the company’s path to get closer to the customer. The addition of ecommerce platform capabilities is a logical extension to the existing Salesforce suite and further rounds out the Salesforce platform in its view of the customer lifecycle. However,…

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