Fred Engel

Executive Consultant

Former/Serial CTO and subject matter expert in enterprise architectures and agile software development

Professional Expertise

Former CTO and subject matter expert in enterprise architectures and agile software development.
Over 30 years of experience as a CTO, leading small and medium businesses.

Sector Expertise

Technology leadership, product and technology strategy, agile software development. Enterprise software, datacom and telecom, agile software development.


Fred is an Executive Consultant at Bulger Partners, where he provides expertise to the firm’s strategy consulting practice by advising executives and investors on product and tech diligence engagements. Fred leverages over 30 years of engineering and product management experience by evaluating the strength of a software product’s code and capabilities as well as the R&D team’s talent and processes.

Fred has over three decades of experience in CTO and other executive roles, leading small and medium-sized companies, with two successful start-ups (one acquisition, one IPO) under his belt. His specialties include technology leadership, product and technology strategy, product governance, agile software development, and enterprise infrastructure. Fred is a leader and an advisor to software companies in a number of verticals, including Enterprise Software, Cloud Computing, Healthcare IT and Financial Technology.

Prior to Bulger Partners, Fred founded and served as CTO of FirstFuel (IBlogix), where he focused on driving the company strategy, defining the products, and building and delivering the solutions. He was also an investor in and sat on the board of Horizontal Systems until it was sold to Autodesk in 2011.  Earlier in his career, Fred was the CTO of Concord Communications and helped develop its growth from startup to $150 million, through an IPO and eventual sale to CA technologies.

Fred is currently an advisory board member for Ascent Venture Partners and a board member for Creative Circle Advertising. He is also an investor and a member of the screening group for Cherrystone Angels, an angel investor group that makes investments in biopharma, medical device and tech start-up companies.

Fred holds a BA in Mathematics and an MSc in Electrical Engineering from the University of Connecticut.

CV Highlights

➢ Concord Communications, CTO
➢ Iron Mountain Digital, CTO
➢ Cherrystone Angel Group, Member
➢ University of Connecticut, BA in Mathematics and an MSc in E.E.

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