Associate Career Overview

Bulger Partners’ Associate position is the “on ramp” for developing capabilities and expertise that you will leverage throughout your career. In the first 12 months, you will evaluate over a dozen companies and explore under their hood. Advising clients on tough questions like, “Do I buy? How much is it worth? How do I make it more valuable?” you will own an active role in generating insights and delivering client presentations.

It’s a steep learning curve, but through a combination of formal and hands-on training, you will develop the skills required to create value.

An MBA for the Software Economy

Most top MBA programs offer great value, but their curriculums were built for the industrial era. As a Bulger Partners associate, you will learn the finer elements of leading business models in the Software Economy. Evaluating two dozen companies in less than two years is not uncommon for our associates. Combine this level of case activity with the depth of our coaching team, and the Software Economy expertise you will build at Bulger Partners cannot be replicated by any school.


As with most rapid growth companies, much is expected of young professionals. Taking ownership of high-value transaction decisions can be daunting, but our veterans have your back. Senior Consultants and Executive Partners bring the experience of hundreds of successful engagements and decades of operating experience. Working directly with our mentors, you will learn from great consultants, seasoned board members, and C-suite executives.

We maintain an open environment to encourage associates to tap this experience and accelerate their development.

Application Process

Bulger Partners recruits from a network of core campuses for our Associate class (senior-level students) and full-time Summer Associate internships (junior-level students). If you are interested in learning more about our recruiting program at your school or submitting an application with us, please select your school below for more information:

Aside from this group, we do consider exceptional and motivated candidates from other schools. If you would like to submit your application for consideration, please submit one through our job posting on Lever. If you have any questions regarding the application process, please reach out to us at