We help our clients make decisions with confidence.  We deliver the specialized capabilities and agility required to address the rapidly shifting competitive landscapes of the Software Economy.

Engagement Types



Product & Technology Diligence
A pre-investment assessment of product, product roadmap, software architecture, technical debt, and general process and people associated with a software organization. The assessment also includes an evaluation of hosting and security operations for organizations where that is relevant (SaaS, online business services, etc.) We evaluate the strength of a target’s technology assets and capabilities, and product organization & processes using code audits, interviews, secondary research, and analysis of over 80 artifacts that we collect, all in the context of the emerging investment thesis.
CASE STUDY: Conducting Product and Tech Diligence
Commercial Diligence
A pre-investment assessment of investment theses that analyzes market opportunities and risks. We evaluate the market opportunity, competitive landscape, market segmentation, customer purchasing behavior and other market dynamics. Using a combination of primary and secondary research and qualitative and quantitative methods, we provide our clients a detailed analysis and consultation on the market and competitive factors relevant to the investment decision. CASE STUDY: Conducting Market Diligence
Integration Strategy and Planning
A detailed strategy and execution plan for integrating the roadmaps and capabilities of a potential target with an acquiring company. This includes a review of the product portfolios, assessment of the technical architectures and go-to-market capabilities of the target and acquirer, and recommendations on how to best realize market opportunity and investment value through integration strategy. CASE STUDY: Optimizing Acquisition Integration


Software Development Effectiveness
An assessment of a company’s software development organization for capacity, talent, and process, to improve productivity, timeliness, predictability, quality, and overall alignment with the corporate strategy. We analyze the organization through site visits, interviews, data analysis, and benchmarking, and offer a detailed strategy on how to improve internal and external integration, communication and governance. CASE STUDY: ENHANCING SOFTWARE PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT

Technology Strategy & Roadmap
An analysis of the client’s technology roadmap and potential alternatives, including assessment of cost, risk, and alignment with a company’s strategic objectives. We help companies identify and flesh out the most suitable technology strategy and architecture roadmap – sometimes building on internal efforts and sometimes on brand new ideas. This engagement may be delivered in the context of a potential re-platforming initiative or a major transformational effort – such as a substantial acquisition or a SaaS transformation. INSIGHTS: THE BENEFITS OF A SAAS TRANSFORMATION (OBVIOUS AND NON-OBVIOUS)
Product Strategy & Roadmap
An engagement to analyze the company’s product roadmap and provide recommendations for improvement in product strategy and roadmap based on market and competitive research, team capabilities, development cost and risk, and technology underpinnings. This type of engagement typically includes primary research on the competitive landscape and market greenspace. It may also entail post-merger consolidation or rationalization of a product portfolio. Like other engagements, it leverages our combination of capabilities in understanding and assessing competitive marketplaces and our deep expertise in software technologies.  CASE STUDY: OPTIMIZING PRODUCT ROADMAP FOR GROWTH
Go-to-Market Strategy
A strategy engagement to realign product, pricing, and sales & marketing strategies based on the available market opportunities. We define the customer value proposition by segment, considering the core capabilities and differentiators of the company and its products relative to market fundamentals and the competitive landscape. Our approach relies on extensive primary research, and results in a set of actionable recommendations to better serve and monetize the most attractive customer segments through improvements to product strategy (e.g. product versioning and extensions), pricing strategy (e.g. price / value alignment and bundling), and sales & marketing strategy (e.g. alignment of sales force and channel partner network with nature and size of the opportunity).CASE STUDY: ACCELERATING SALES RESULTS BY REFRAMING PRODUCT POSITIONING, MESSAGING AND SALES
Growth Strategy
An evaluation of potential vectors to accelerate a company’s top-line growth by expanding its addressable market – whether it be through moving up-market or down-market, extending into new verticals or geographies, capturing a greater share of customer workflow and wallet, or adding new user personas and use cases. Our approach considers the market opportunity, the “fit” with the company’s existing strategy, product line and brand / positioning, as well as internal capabilities, in order to develop a set of actionable recommendations around which opportunities to pursue, how to pursue them (e.g. buy vs. build), and a high-level strategic roadmap. CASE STUDY: ASSESSING GROWTH POTENTIAL AND DIVESTMENT OPTIONS ACROSS BUSINESS PORTFOLIO

Sector Expertise

We work with businesses whose primary strategic assets are software and data. We understand what drives valuation in these sectors and have the ability to rapidly dissect our clients’ businesses and competitive differentiation, leading to the most impactful advice and positioning. Our team predominantly works with companies in the following sectors:

  • Enterprise Software
  • Healthcare IT
  • Consumer Internet
  • FinTech
  • Vertical Applications
  • Marketing and Ad Tech
  • Infrastructure Software
  • Call Center & Communications
  • Services

Why Hire Us

Technical + Business Expertise

Technical + Business Expertise

We have experience and methodologies that range from the keyboard to the board room. Our team has a deep understanding of software architectures, technologies and processes, along with business insight developed through hundreds of strategy engagements and executive roles with leading Software Economy companies. We understand how technology can be a key driver of the business model and business strategy and approach our projects with the technical and business perspective required to win in the Software Economy.

Software Economy Experience

Software Economy Experience

Our leadership comprises entrepreneurs who have founded 12 companies worth over $1 billion, executives who have led over 20 technology companies, and investors who have funded over 50 venture and growth-stage technology companies. Our broad experience gives us the ability to quickly analyze competitive landscapes in software sectors. Our robust knowledgebase covers all software sectors, giving us the unique ability to identify emerging organizations and their innovations.

Agile Strategies

Agile Strategies

Our team has a deep understanding of software architectures, technologies and processes. We understand how technology can be a key driver of the business model and business strategy. We approach our projects with both a technical and business perspective. We have experience and methodologies that range from the keyboard to the board room.

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