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Process Matters: How Underlying Productivity Issues Can Derail Tech Companies

When considering an investment in a software company, what are the most important factors to weigh? Investors, VC and PE alike, tend to prioritize analysis of multiples and revenue projections that determine whether the company can deliver a satisfactory ROI. Often these calculations rely on the flawed assumption that the…

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The Scales Tip: ‘Buy vs. Build’

How Software R&D Trends Have Influenced M&A Behavior [Contributed by Jeffrey Vogel, originally published on Tech MVP | Bulger Partners]Contrary to the expected assumption, advances in software development technologies and processes the past decade have led to more buying and less building in the industry’s buy vs. build calculus. In this article…

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Why PE and Agile haven’t always gone together

Agile Software Development in PE-backed Organization [Contributed by Jeffrey Vogel and Kathleen Collins | Bulger Partners]Having advised PE-backed companies, we see an unusual proportion of companies that have not yet embraced Agile software development and/or struggle to adopt it under a PE umbrella. While the majority of both startups and public…

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