FHIR Up Precision Medicine – An Emerging Opportunity for HCIT Applications

On February 25th President Obama at the White House celebrated the one year anniversary of his announcement of the Precision Medicine Initiative. The Initiative, first announced in the President’s State of the Union Address last year, initially invested $215 million in this research approach. Most medical treatments are designed to…

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Achieving HIPAA Compliance as a Business Associate

In 2009, the HITECH Act mandated that not only covered entities but also business associates would be subject to periodic audits as a means to ensure that both are complying with HIPAA Rules. The first phase of these audits, taking place between 2011 and 2012 and involving 115 covered entities,…

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How Apple, Qualcomm, and Lawyers will Revolutionize Healthcare

Staring up at a team of doctors and nurses from his bed in the hospital emergency room, Bill knew he wasn’t getting back to his vacation anytime soon.  That morning, Bill chose a more vigorous hike for his snowshoe outing.  At 45 years old, Bill is an active man with…

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What Does HIMSS15 Tell Us About Venture Investment In Healthcare IT?

[Contributed by Mike MacKeen, originally published on Raising the Next Round]Over 20,000 people will gather next week in Chicago for this year’s HIMSS conference. This nexus of the digital health world is a must-attend event for HCIT vendors. The attendee list allows us to get a snapshot of how the…

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