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Why Tech Companies Are Favoring Private Equity Over IPOs

Over the past few weeks, the primary story in the financial media, from Barron’s to CNBC, FT and Fortune, has been the IPO market, or the lack thereof. Fortune referenced our research in their cover story “So Long, Wall Street” – specifically, the fact that recently within the tech sector,…

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Raising Growth Capital? Use A Banker

Smart companies are adapting as the growth capital market has evolvedDisruptive tech companies are good at product and business model innovation, but they can be just as guilty as a Cleveland steel mill of “way we’ve always done it” operating behavior.  One behavior that puzzles me is the CEO or…

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The Private Financing Market Q3 ’14: What You Should Know

Investors are Pricing Rounds Up, but Fearing the Bubble [Contributed by Mike MacKeen, originally published on Raising the Next Round | Bulger Partners]Analytics are out on the private financing market during Q3.  We should all appreciate that Wilson Sonsini and Cooley each make the effort to aggregate and publish term sheet analytics.…

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What is My Company Worth Today?

Last month I wrote about capital market participants being overwhelmed by technology innovation and winding up totally stupid about valuation.  Understanding the fundamentals of valuation theory helps us see how we got off the rails on value again – houses , stocks, etc – and how to think about value…

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