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The Strategic Buyer as an Endangered Species

About a year ago, we published an article titled “Why Tech Companies are Favoring Private Equity Over IPOs” in which we described the shift from public to private markets as a source of liquidity for shareholders. What we didn’t discuss then is the third and most common route to liquidity,…

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The Scales Tip: ‘Buy vs. Build’

How Software R&D Trends Have Influenced M&A Behavior [Contributed by Jeffrey Vogel, originally published on Tech MVP | Bulger Partners]Contrary to the expected assumption, advances in software development technologies and processes the past decade have led to more buying and less building in the industry’s buy vs. build calculus. In this article…

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Successful Tech M&A Starts with Great Due Diligence

[Contributed by David Wong, Managing Director | Bulger Partners] Given the accelerating pace of change, and the challenge many organizations face driving organic growth, it isn’t surprising that acquisitions activity is at historic pace in the tech sector.  However, the success rate of acquisitions has been much lower than what organizations…

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