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A Technical Perspective for Evaluating Software Companies, Part II

What makes a good software company? In Part I of this series, we looked beyond the top level metrics that define a “good” software company and dug into the deeper technical elements: the business model, the product roadmap, the product architecture, client customization and technical debt. In Part II, we…

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A Technical Perspective for Evaluating Software Companies, Part I

by Rob Gurwitz, Executive Partner At Bulger Partners, we look at a lot of software companies in due diligence engagements for technology oriented investors. These companies span many vertical market sectors, including healthcare IT, SMB office software, various enterprise application sub-sectors, financial services, and ERP/HCM. There is a lot of…

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What You’re Missing When You Skimp on Tech Diligence

Throughout my career I have led hundreds of diligence assignments, first as a CTO and Corpdev exec, then as a venture investor, and most recently as co-head of a software-focused strategy consulting practice. While this work has covered all facets of diligence, a majority of these assignments have been product…

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