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Process Matters: How Underlying Productivity Issues Can Derail Tech Companies

When considering an investment in a software company, what are the most important factors to weigh? Investors, VC and PE alike, tend to prioritize analysis of multiples and revenue projections that determine whether the company can deliver a satisfactory ROI. Often these calculations rely on the flawed assumption that the…

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Tell Me About Your “Next Gen”

Do Fusion, Unity and Next Gen get the job done? “An architect’s first work is apt to be spare and clean. … The general tendency is to over-design the second system, using all the ideas and frills that were cautiously sidetracked on the first one. The result, as Ovid says,…

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How PaaS and IaaS are Changing Software Business Models

Traditional software business models have been based on delivering installed software for up front license fees and annual maintenance charges, or more recently, subscription based software-as-a-service (SaaS). In recent years, the SaaS model has become prevalent, due partially to the expansion of mobile applications and pervasive broadband Internet infrastructure. In…

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What You’re Missing When You Skimp on Tech Diligence Part II: Open Source Software

“He who sells what isn’t his’n, Must buy it back or go to prison.” Daniel Drew, 19th Century American Financier In Part I of this series, we covered several ways in which tech diligence identifies technical debt and other risks that can lead to unexpected costs and value impairment. In…

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The Scales Tip: ‘Buy vs. Build’

How Software R&D Trends Have Influenced M&A Behavior [Contributed by Jeffrey Vogel, originally published on Tech MVP | Bulger Partners]Contrary to the expected assumption, advances in software development technologies and processes the past decade have led to more buying and less building in the industry’s buy vs. build calculus. In this article…

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The Knowledge Network: M&A Imperative for Innovation

I recently had dinner with a leader from one of the top technology companies in the world.  He was just back from the World Economic Forum in Davos – so I asked him what he had learned.   The first thing that sprang to his mind was the pronounced difference between…

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