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Salesforce Gets Closer to the Customer Through Demandware Acquisition

Salesforce’s announced acquisition today of Demandware is another big step in the company’s path to get closer to the customer. The addition of ecommerce platform capabilities is a logical extension to the existing Salesforce suite and further rounds out the Salesforce platform in its view of the customer lifecycle. However,…

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The Commoditization of CRM and ATS – Yet Salesforce.com Flourishes

A friend in the industry asked me the other day if there were any serious challengers to Salesforce.com’s dominance in CRM (Customer Relationship Management). From almost any perspective, the answer is no, not really. Gartner most recently estimated that SAP, Oracle and Microsoft held 12.1%, 9.1% and 6.2% of the…

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The Tech Growth Equity Outlook for 2015

What is in store after a transformational year in 2014?  [Contributed by Mike MacKeen, Originally Published on Raising the Next Round | Bulger Partners]2014 was a banner year for tech companies raising growth equity in the private market. Investors committed $74B to drive growth and provide liquidity. At least 21 new companies…

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The Truth About Value Creation and Exit Potential for Salesforce Partners

[Contributed by Doug Melsheimer, originally published on Merger Considerations | Bulger Partners]Earlier this month, I was in San Francisco for Dreamforce, Salesforce.com’s annual mega-conference. In the weeks surrounding this event, a frequent topic of conversation with VC and PE investors had been this:  Are companies limiting their value creation and…

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